Why is nurse shortage a real problem and how should you be taking care of it?

nurse helping a patient
nursing studies in 2022
  • Setting minimum nurse-to-patient ratios so limits are established on every shift.
  • Setting limits on overtime to avoid adverse health effects on nurses.
  • Promote the union of registered nurses so they can have a greater say in their workplace conditions, rates of compensation and approaches to patient care.
  • Encourage nurses into leadership roles. According to the American Hospital Association, only 5% of hospitals have a nurse as a trustee.
  • Create a physically and mentally safe workplace environment. Employers, educational institutions, nursing organizations, among others, are key players to ensure a great place to work.



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Everyday 1,000 employees lose their life while at work. We mitigate the safety risks that employees face by providing wearables that activates the right help.