Do you know how to keep your employees and work areas safe from COVID-19?

At the moment one of the main concerns within companies is the high probability of contagion by COVID-19 among the work team, so knowing the protocols for this scenario is vital for the process of getting back to workplaces.

Below we provide you with the precise information to act promptly and responsibly with the well-being of each member of the company.

Remember to stay informed about the updates, recommendations of the health authorities, and temporary regulations of each state related to the prevention of COVID-19 at work.

Kwema helps companies make them safer places by providing safety wearables to employees which can mitigate potential risks and hazards employees are exposed to. Our safety devices have the capability of activating an emergency protocol, alerting safety supervisors or 911, and are designed to avoid adoption hurdles and training costs.

Contact us for a Free Assessment on how likely your employees are to adopt new safety measures for COVID-19 by sending an email to



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Everyday 1,000 employees lose their life while at work. We mitigate the safety risks that employees face by providing wearables that activates the right help.