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In the previous edition of our blog, we discussed the importance of communication in the context of mental health for fostering a healthy workplace environment. This week, we investigate this topic even further and get to the bottom of the disconnect between employees and leadership when it comes to safety.

When it comes to addressing mental health in the workplace, it is always better to be proactive than reactive. With Kwema, you can start taking the necessary steps towards fostering a healthy workplace environment.

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Employee wellness, above all, is directly related to performance. Opening a dialogue with employees about safety and health should be a priority. Good communication skills, active listening, and well-organized meetings are key elements for effective safety conversations and building employee wellness programs. However, the reality is most companies fail to…

Safety Speakers Series with Nancy Navarro

Safety Speakers Series 11: Nancy Navarro

As part of our Kwema Safety Speaker Series, we highlight professionals from safety and security industries from across the globe; the unsung heroes keeping our communities and workplaces safe. This week, we spoke with Nancy Navarro, the Security Manager at The Martinez Refining Company…

What measures should be taken when evacuating your personnel during incidents like the one described below? Share some of your best practices.

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Automation and digitalization of the workplace is the new normal. From factory floors to hospitals to corporate offices, network technology has now become the foundation of our infrastructure. Access cards, cameras, automated machinery, and other innovations have been staples to the industry in the name of security and efficiency. …

Is your workforce prepared to respond to emergencies or natural disasters? This #NationalPreparednessMonth, we encourage organizations to develop and practice workplace emergency protocol to ensure you’re ready for the unexpected.

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6 Key strategies to improve security in hospitals

Healthcare and social service workers face many challenges when it comes to safety in the workplace. Prevention guidelines should be incorporated in order to reduce or eliminate workplace hazards. Some major healthcare environments include, but are not limited to:

  • Hospitals; large medical facilities.
  • Residential Treatment; long-term facilities such as nursing…

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace accidents cost American companies around $62 billion per year. The specific amount varies depending on factors such as the kind of industry or the type of incident; for instance, a medically-consulted injury has an average cost of $39,000, while death costs…

Welcome back to another edition of Kwema Safety Speakers Series. Today we have a special guest who will talk with us about the challenges of leading safety in the construction industry. Her name is Madeline Vaughan, Safety Manager at Hill International, Inc. …


Everyday 1,000 employees lose their life while at work. We mitigate the safety risks that employees face by providing wearables that activates the right help.

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